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Reid, Angle Tied 43-43, Nonpartisans Breaking for Angle

So says the new Mason-Dixon poll.

As the Las Vegas Review Journal story explains, this survey is the first to test the waters with all the contenders in the mix. Responses show the field of third-party candidates is not siphoning much support away from Angle and Reid.

Notably, the poll found nonpartisan voters breaking Angle’s way. She has a 20-point lead over Reid with independents which Brad Coker told the RJ could be the ball game:

“The independents have shifted to her by the biggest margin since the primary,” said Brad Coker of Mason Dixon Polling & Research, which conducted the survey. “If she goes on to win this, maybe this is the first sign that at the end of the day Angle might nose it out.”

In the previous Mason-Dixon poll, Reid was up over Angle 46-44, but that survey did not name other candidates. 

Here is the breakdown from the RJ story on these latest results:

■ 43 percent for Reid, Democrat.

■ 43 percent for Angle, Republican.

■ 1 percent for Scott Ashjian, Tea Party.

■ 1 percent for Tim Fasano, Independent American Party.

■ 4 percent for “none of these” candidates.

■ 8 percent undecided.

Ashjian is the previously noted “Tea Party” candidate who registered the Tea Party name as an actual political party this year and so attempt to capitalize on the brand. He has been widely denounced by Tea Party groups across the state, and many Nevada Republicans are still worried he could pull votes from Angle and hand the win to Reid.

Both parties will be battling over not only the votes of independents but also the undecideds and those voting for “none” and two other third-party candidates.


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