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Reid Goes After Angle with Vets

This new Reid campaign ad attempts to garner votes from yet another Nevada voting block. The commercial interprets Sharron Angle’s suggestion to “privatize” the Veterans Administration as “dangerous ideas that put veterans at risk”: 


Earlier this summer Reid was praised by Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki for the part he played in securing land and money for a new VA hospital in North Las Vegas.

The timing of the hospital and high-profile visit by the Cabinet secretary, who in his remarks thanked Reid but snubbed John Ensign, a co-sponsor of the effort to build the hospital, was not lost on many who follow politics.

The VA hospital, with 210 beds, will open in 2012. The project is currently employing hundreds of construction workers and along with four new outpatient clinics in Clark County and several related facilities will create 2,200 permanent positions.

Expect a future Reid campaign ad to point out that Reid loves veterans–and creates jobs while he’s at it.

Update:  Oops. Such an ad already exists. Here it is, helpfully provided by the Harry Reid campaign:



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