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Reinforcements: Cash-Poor Marino Scores Huckabee, Pro-Lifers

Tom Marino, despite reporting only about $10,000 in cash on hand this summer, is getting a high profile endorsement from Mike Huckabee. At the same time, Americans United for Life, a pro-life group, is hitting his opponent, cash-rich Democrat incumbent Chris Carney.

This represents an unexpected turn of events in the battle for Pennsylvania’s northeastern 10th district.

PA2010.com on the Huckabee endorsement:

Huckabee and his political action committee Huck PAC this week endorsed Marino in his bid to unseat Congressman Chris Carney (D-10). As he mulls another run at the White House, Huckabee has been endorsing GOP candidates across the country. It remains to be seen if his PAC will contribute to Marino’s campaign, which has struggled to raise money and is vastly underfunded against Carney.

Meanwhile, on the pro-life front:

Congressman Chris Carney (D-10) is one of three Democrats in the crosshairs of a new radio campaign by the anti-abortion group Americans United for Life.

The group’s AUL Action arm said its spot against Carney would begin airing Friday in the northeast Pennsylvania district, where he faces Republican Tom Marino. The ad assails Carney for his vote in favor of the newly-enacted health care reform law, calling it “the largest expansion of taxpayer-funded abortions ever.”

Battle ‘10 got in touch with David Madeira, who placed second to Marino in this spring’s Republican primary. Madeira, who’s now hosting his own radio program in the 10th district, shed some light on the race.

“The most important thing that makes this race still competitive despite Tom’s cash situation are Chris Carney’s low polling numbers. In both 2006 and 2008 at this point in the race, Carney was touting internal polling that had him ahead. He’s not doing that this time, and that omission tells you something.”

“Tom Marino has only 59 percent name recognition in the district, and Chris Carney has 94 percent name recognition, and you’re seeing Marino ahead in recent polling,” said Madeira.

“So 41 percent of the electorate doesn’t even recognize Tom Marino’s name and yet Chris Carney can’t get a lead, against essentially a no-name. He’s even running ads touting “I’m chris carney, candidate for congress,” and he’s the incumbent. I’ve never seen that before.”

“These kinds of outside endorsements are going to make a huge difference in this race, said Madeira. “Carney can’t go any higher on his own in terms of positive impression with voters with 94 percent name recognition, he’s going to have a hard time reaching 51 percent, even after trashing Marino.

“Races are always about narratives, Madeira said. “Carney has a narrative that doesn’t require any advertisement: he’s from Washington, and he’s spent a lot of money.”


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