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Rubio Back on the Campaign Trail after Father’s Death

Campaigning came to a halt for Marco Rubio last week when the health of his 83-year-old father Mario took a turn for the worse. Rubio canceled a scheduled debate appearance to be with his family and by his father’s side when he died on Sept. 4 after after a long fight with emphysema and lung cancer. Politics were put on hold for grieving and burial arrangements.

Things are picking back up again, though, and this weekend Rubio will be making his first appearances on the campaign trail since his father’s death.

“Today there’s no public events — we have some meetings, we obviously started running our new ad,” Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos told Battle ‘10. “Tomorrow night is our first public event.”

Rubio will address the Republican Party of Florida Victory Dinner, a $500-minimum fundraising event, on Friday in Orlando along with Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour. Burgos also said events for Sept. 11 are in the works.

Here’s the new ad:


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