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Scott Brown Endorses Pat Toomey In Philadelphia

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, the man once written off by the establishment as unelectable in Massachusetts, came to Philadelphia last night to stump and fundraise for Pat Toomey. Battle ‘10 was there.

Toomey, similarly regarded as unelectable by elements within the Republican Party only last year, is consistently leading his opponent, Joe Sestak, in the polls.

Sen. Brown offered to his support and help to Toomey, and the two spoke briefly about their vision for creating jobs and restoring economic growth.

Battle ‘10’s video coverage of their remarks is below, including both Toomey and Brown speaking on the recently unveiled GOP Pledge to America.

Asked about satirist Stephen Colbert testifying in Congress yesterday — in character — on illegal immigration, both laughed and Sen. Brown responded, “We have people testifying all the time. Anyone who wants to come and testify, that’s great.”

Pat Toomey Accepts Endorsement from Sen. Scott Brown:

Sen. Brown’s endorsement of Pat Toomey:

Scott Brown and Pat Toomey on the ‘Pledge to America:’


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