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Sen. Michael ‘Rubberstamp’ Bennet

The newest “mascot” to enter the U.S. Senate race in Colorado is a giant, walking rubberstamp.

A Bennet rubberstamp, straight from Washington, DC.

John Swartout, Ken Buck’s new campaign manager, has a history of “creative” campaign tactics–the Denver Post’s Curtis Hubbard dubbed them “guerrilla campaign stunts”–that includes greeting former Democratic contender of yesteryear Tom Strickland on a Colorado mountaintop with campaign signs in 2002.

That year the GOP, and Swartout’s boss in particular–current Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams–successfully pummeled Strickland with the “lawyer/lobbyist” moniker, along with a costumed character named “Waffle Man” that tracked the Democrat’s every move.




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