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Strickland’s Desperate Campaign Spin

Battle ‘10 recently came into possession of a Strickland campaign fundraising email sent to top donors by Strickland consultant Erik Greathouse. You can smell the desperation a mile off. Full text below:

Many have asked me to send around a few bullet points to have regarding some of the recent polling news.  While we hate that there is even one poll out there showing the Governor behind — remain VERY confident in our campaign and our plan. 

Here are some polling points for you to share:

  • There is no doubt that this is a very difficult political environment to run in this year

  • Voters like the Governor, they trust the Governor, but his job approval is down because voters are very anxious and want him to fix things

  • Public polls are all over the map this year, but generally have Democrats and incumbents in a challenging position

  • We probably are down a few points right now, but nowhere close to 10 points that was published in today’s Rasmussen Poll

  • An internal poll done by another statewide candidate in the last two weeks has the Governor down 3%. ∙   

  • In July and August, the Kasich campaign and the RGA spent $2.7 million dollars unanswered – bashing the Governor

  • The Strickland for Governor campaign just started to engage with voters on TV and we will spend the next 9 weeks defining Kasich and talking about what the Governor has done and will do

  • The Strickland for Governor campaign has a $3million dollar cash on hand advantage over Kasich and will spend our resources wisely

  • We have a much superior field and GOTV apparatus.  The Ohio Republican Party spokesman basically acknowledged that in a Youngstown Business Journal article today.    http://www.business-journal.com/ohio-dems-count-on-doors-not-dollars-p17345-1.htm

  • The Republicans are banking on riding a wave – we will win because we have a better candidate and superior organization

  • John Kasich has never had a tough election – Ted Strickland has had multiple tough races and knows how to win them


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