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Three-Way Chess Gets Complicated

The Miami Herald suggests that many Florida Democrats are more “anti-Rubio than pro-anyone.”

To liberal voters, Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio is a right-winging, tea-partying, oil-drilling, stimulus-hating, Obamacare-shunning, taxes-on-the-rich-cutting nightmare. And these Democrats are determined to stop him from winning on Nov. 2 by any means necessary, even if that means bailing on their own party’s nominee, Kendrick Meek.

Yet Crist’s position seems to be becoming ever-more perilous. Here’s the front page of Saturday’s Tampa Tribune, declaring boldly that “Crist racks up contradictions.” (And here’s the story to go with it.)

Meanwhile, Democrat Kendrick Meek might prove harder to marginalize than expected: Bill Clinton is hosting another fundraiser for him on Tuesday that the St. Petersburg Times says is “expected to be a ‘six figure event.’”


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