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Today’s Political Breakfast Buffet

  • The rather odd “Tea Party of Nevada” candidate and possible spoiler in the U.S. Senate race got a big write-up in the WSJ. A few groups have tried to get him removed from the ballot without success. Many have speculated that Ashjian’s ambition is entirely ego-driven since he cannot win but could quite possibly siphon enough votes from Sharron Angle to hand the race to Harry Reid. The big feature story should help.

  • The Angle-Reid match-up made Politico’s top five list of most competitive Senate races. James Carville had some choice remarks, and the sum-up called the tight race “the premier nail-biter, which ultimately could be decided by who has the worst final week.”

  • Reid is having one more lobbyist luncheon fundraiser before he leaves D.C.

  • The Las Vegas Sun has a nice summary of past legislation supported by NV-3 Rep. Dina Titus and challenger Joe Heck. The choices are clear.

  • Heck admits it’s going to be a close race and says he is courting independent voters.

  • Meanwhile, the DCCC tries to decide where to spend their midterm money, and Titus is mentioned as an NRCC target.

  • Democrat-aligned Patriot Majority PAC has a new anti-Angle website.

  • Word is that the Tea Party Express (TPX) is coming back to the Nevada airwaves soon. TPX spent $1.2 million on the Reid-Angle race during the primary season.

  • Early voting in Nevada starts in 18 days. Fifty-eight percent of Nevadans voted early in 2008, and it is estimated that at least half of Nevada voters will cast early ballots this year.


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