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Tom Corbett’s Rearview Mirror

Tom Corbett continues to enjoy a sizable leader over Dan Onorato in the Keystone State’s gubernatorial contest. In this week’s Reuters/Ipsos poll, Corbett leads 49 to 34 percent, an enormous 15 point advantage among likely voters.

Last week’s Franklin & Marshall poll had the race only slightly closer, with Onorato down 11 points, or 38 to 27 percent, among likely voters.

Corbett, as the state’s attorney general, has spent the last few years racking up a series of high profile convictions through the so-called Bonusgate investigations. Onorato is the executive of Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh. 

Onorato has struggled to distinguish himself on the campaign trail, and suffers from the enormous disadvantage that is Pennsylvanians’ attitude about the future of a state that’s been in Democratic control for eight years. 

Nearly six in ten say the state is headed in the wrong direction.


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