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Tuesday Senate Scan

The DSCC outraised the NRSC in August — $7.4 million to $6.1 million — but the NRSC had more money in the bank — $24.5 million — than its Democratic counterpart, which had $22.9 million. GOP strategists are quick to point out that during the past two years, the NRSC has increased its fundraising by $11 million, while the DSCC’s fundraising has dropped by $17 million, despite having a 59-41 manpower advantage.

Alaska: Sen. Lisa Murkowski will be launching a series of television and radio advertisements this week in support of her write-in bid for reelection, announced last week. Murkowski will attempt to explain why she is running as a write-in candidate and how to vote for her:

Murkowski’s aides said she has about $1 million in her campaign account to fund various voter-education initiatives – including television advertisements – for a write-in campaign, an effort that the senator has acknowledged will be challenging. Not only must Alaska voters write Murkowski on the ballot, but they must also mark a separate box on the ballot that shows they are choosing to vote for a write-in candidate.

In a Rasmussen poll released today, Republican nominee Joe Miller (42 percent) leads Murkowski (27 percent) and Democrat Scott McAdams (25 percent) by double digits.


Illinois: It looks like Sen. Roland Burris will not be serving the final two months of his term. The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by Sen. Roland Burris, who had tried to stop a special election to fill President Obama’s old Senate seat  for the “lame duck” period between November and January.


Wisconsin: As Sen. Russ Feingold continues to slide in the polls, TPM wonders: is Wisconsin still Feingold country?


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