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Was Feingold’s ‘Cheddarbomb’ a Dud?

Yesterday, Sen. Russ Feingold’s campaign announced a fundraising blitz, or “Cheddarbomb:”

Today, September 15, my campaign is launching our newest effort:”15 for 15 Cheddarbomb.” We’ll match Ron Johnson’s $15 million with the donations of 15,000 grassroots donors. This is our first-ever “moneybomb” or as we call it in Wisconsin – a “Cheddarbomb.”

Our “Cheddarbomb” will show that my campaign can match Johnson’s $15 million with 15,000 grassroots donations of our own – in a single day.

So how did it go? Hard to say, really. At about 6 p.m. last night, Feingold tweeted: “We are only 5208 grassroots donors away from our #Cheddarbomb goal of 15,000. Can you help us get there by midnight?” But he hasn’t made a peep since then. His campaign website has no new information about the fundraising effort, and his campaign manager is “on the other line.”

Andrew StilesAndrew Stiles is a political reporter for National Review Online. He previously worked at the Washington Free Beacon, and was an intern at The Hill newspaper. Stiles is a 2009 ...


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