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When Two States Collide

Well, this is awkward. Apparently Dennis Kucinich (from Ohio) is suing Joel Pollak (from Illinois) for mentioning that Kucinich is such an exemplary anti-Israel crusader that antisemites everywhere love him! The press release from Pollak’s campaign is below:

NILES, IL – Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) has threatened to sue the Pollak for Congress campaign for defamation over a blog post written by 9th district Republican challenger Joel Pollak.  

Pollak’s blog post calls upon incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky to return campaign contributions she has received from the far-left J Street organization, which was recently revealed to be funded by foreign sources and George Soros.

The blog post also describes an antisemitic pamphlet that Pollak received at his campaign office. The pamphlet praises J Street, its executive director, and Rep. Kucinich (D-OH) for their opposition to Israel and to what the pamphlet alleges is a global Jewish conspiracy.

Pollak’s blog post does not target Rep. Kucinich in any way, nor does it assert or imply that he or his campaign created or authorized the pamphlet.

Pollak shrugged off the threat. “They have no case. Rep. Kucinich ought to confront the author of the antisemitic pamphlet directly.”


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