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Will Harry Reid Give Yet Another Gift to His Union Buddies?

Harry Reid has already experienced blowback from his recent votes and legislative maneuvers in the Senate. Now a new controversy is emerging: a little-mentioned resolution under consideration in the Senate tomorrow, which would repeal a particularly zany pro-labor ruling of the National Mediation Board (NMB).

Senate Joint Resolution 30 would undo a new rule of the NMB, which in May issued a ruling which lifted the requirement of unions’ having to obtain a majority of all employees’ votes, instead only requiring a majority vote of those employees voting in a union election. Under the NMB rule, if only 5,000 employees cast ballots in a union election and 2,501 vote for unionization while 2,499 vote against, a company with as many as 50,000 workers could potentially be unionized.

The Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs (APNJ) this week issued a press release urging Senators Ensign and Reid to vote in favor of this resolution, saying a vote against the measure would be tantamount to voting in favor of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) because the outcomes are similar: forced unionization of workers and a reduction in worker rights.

“Senators Reid and Ensign have the opportunity tomorrow to stand with workers and small businesses and reject forced unionization,” said McKay Daniels, state director of APNJ. “We hope Nevada workers can count on their leaders to truly represent them and not Big Labor bosses who are seeking to boost the union rolls at our economy’s expense.”

The APNJ put out this web ad earlier in the month to combat any move to pass the so-called Employee Free Choice Act which they claim Senate Joint Resolution 30 would be a big step towards: 

The Hill reported earlier this month that a lame-duck session might include consideration of EFCA or “Card Check,” saying the White House had refused to rule it out.


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