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About President Obama’s Philadelphia Rally

President Obama headlined a late afternoon rally in the Germantown section of Philadelphia today,

and Battle ‘10 is . Stay tuned for continuing live blogging coverage.

The rally, part of the Democrats’ “Moving America Forward” campaign, is taking place in the extreme northwest part of the city in Germantown, next to Robert Fulton Elementary School in a children’s baseball diamond. The crowd, so far a few thousand, boasts a strong but not overwhelming union presence from steelworkers to steamfitters.

Doors opened at 3pm, but things only began to get underway in earnest by 4pm. A woman from PA Vote 2010 took the stage to exhort attendees to sign up for voting notices. 

4:15 – Gov. Rendell. “I’m an elected official for 24 years, politician for 33, never seen an elected official inherent the kind of problem’s President Obama has inhereted. if he were a football team he’d be in the playoffs headed to the super bowl.

you know the republicans, even though president obama’s not on the ballot, they’re trying to get him. let me tell you what’s on the line. in washington, those democrats .

they’re counting on philadelphia not voting. vote like your live depends on it, vote like your children’s future depends on it. because you know what, it just might?”

4:20 – Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. has taken the stage.


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