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About that Surge in Pennsylvania Polling

Remember last week when polls began to show Joe Sestak gaining ground — indeed, even leading — and it seemed like the walls were coming down on the Toomey campaign? Well, Toomey seems firmly back in front, albeit with something of a razor thin margin.

F&M has Toomey up seven. And Muhlenberg’s daily tracking poll shows Toomey leading by eight today. CNN/Time has Toomey leading by four. Reuters/Ipsos says it’s a 46-46 dead heat. The RCP average has Toomey leading by 4.6 percent, while the TPM average has him up by about 3 percent.

But, as Battle ‘10 has reported before, Joe Sestak seems to be hitting a wall when it comes to persuading moderates and independents to go blue, and in a year when 65 percent of Americans say they would be comfortable with replacing the entire Congress, it become an even tougher sell for a sitting congressman to pitch why he should be awarded a higher office.


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