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AFL-CIO to the Rescue for Harry Reid

Harry Reid and national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will hold a joint get-out-the-vote rally Tuesday evening at the Washoe Senior Center in Reno. According to the press release, Trumka “will detail Sen. Reid’s support for working people and the radical anti-worker views of his opponent.”

The AFL-CIO has been engaged in a massive political mail campaign since mid-September. The group has pumped out more than two million mail pieces in six Senate races, including Nevada’s tight race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. The AFL-CIO group generated two phone calls for each mailer, one just before and one after each piece arrived:

In addition, the following AFL-CIO funded flyer went out to Hispanic voters in Nevada on Friday in answer to the recent television ad discouraging Hispanics from voting in the Nevada election:

The flyer was touted as part of the AFL-CIO’s Labor 2010 program, which the group boasts “is the largest grassroots mobilization effort in the U.S., talking to tens of thousands of workers each week about their choices in the mid-term election.” The piece seeks to motivate Hispanic voters to make their voices heard (translation): 

Outside groups are working to silence our voice — but we can’t let that happen. Recent attacks on our community telling us “Don’t Vote” have threatened to silence the voice of working families. But here’s what they’re not telling us: Why don’t they want us to vote?

They are afraid of the political power of working families, and suppressing voter turnout weakens our community and hurts workers. The stakes are too high. Under-representation hurts our families and our communities, and in tough times like these, we can’t afford to have our voices silenced.

It also addresses the critical issue of turnout, and encourages members to vote for Harry Reid: 

The outcome of this election is critical for working families. Voter turnout is expected to be high, but make no mistake – this election will be close and your vote will make a difference. Harry Reid is a champion for working families. 


Your union believes Harry Reid is the best choice for Nevada’s working families.

Union workers have been hard at work for Reid since before the primary, including throwing eggs at the Tea Party Express bus during the big spring rally in Searchlight, Nevada. For the record, one of the men involved in the egg-tossing was a former AFL-CIO employee. He is now with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 357.


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