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Alaskan Voters Will be able to See List of Write-In Candidates

The Alaska Supreme Court reversed an earlier ruling from a lower court yesterday, and said that voters could request a list of write-in candidates at polling places. The list will not be permitted to include the candidates’ party affiliation.

“This stay will ensure that Alaskans can continue to get the assistance they’re entitled to under law,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign manager Kevin Sweeney in a statement.

Both the Alaskan Democrat and Republican party had opposed the list.

Alaska Superior Court judge Frank Pfiffner said in his ruling yesterday that “If it were important ‘assistance’ for the division to provide voters with lists of write-in candidates, then the division has been asleep at the switch for the past 50 years. The division first developed the need for a write-in candidate list 12 days ago.”

The Supreme Court also ordered that any ballots completed after the voter had requested a list should be set aside separately, in case there are later appeals.

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