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Bennet’s Views on Religion

From a questionnaire posted on PoliticsDaily:

What is Michael Bennet’s religion? Bennet does not affiliate with a particular religion but says he believes in God.

Where does Michael Bennet worship? Bennet does not worship with a congregation. He and his wife were married by an Episcopal priest.

What religion was Michael Bennet born into? Bennet’s father is a Christian and his mother is Jewish. “I was raised with two different heritages, one was Jewish and one was Christian,” Bennet has said. “I am proud that both heritages are part of me, and I believe in God.” His maternal grandparents and his mother escaped from Poland during the Holocaust.

From a profile in the Rocky Mountain News archives:

’Two different heritages’

Under Jewish doctrine, Judaism is passed down through the mother. Bennet is Jewish because his mother is. But even in Poland, the Klejmans were not observant, and he did not grow up practicing that religious tradition.

His father, Douglas J. Bennet, is Christian but also did not actively worship.

“I was raised with two different heritages, one was Jewish and one was Christian,” Michael Bennet said. “I am proud that both heritages are part of me, and I believe in God.”

Colorado voters typically have paid little attention to religion. Ritter’s Catholicism became an election issue only after he announced positions that Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput publicly condemned. In last year’s primaries, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney swept Colorado, though his Mormon background raised concerns elsewhere.

“I’m not concerned about that at all,” Bennet said of discussing his Jewish history, “just because I think we’ve moved beyond that in our politics.”

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