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Boehner Gearing Up for Speakership as Dems Drop Ohio Congressional Races

The New York Times drops an interesting article about John Boehner and his “twisted sister” style of campaigning, clearly foreshadowing Boehner’s potential term as Speaker of the House. This comes as two stories dropped last week showing that the Dems are dialing down their Ohio involvement to just one race — John Boccieri in OH-16. The first, from the Associated Press, carries the following passages:

With polls showing Republicans increasingly well-positioned to seize control of the House, the Democrats are planning TV ad blitzes to shore up their best-positioned incumbents and a handful of challengers in races they believe they can still win.

At the same time, they’re scaling back advertising plans to help a number of lawmakers including Reps. Betsy Markey of Colorado, Harry Teague of New Mexico and Steve Driehaus and Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio.[…]For now, the party is also spending to try to preserve the jobs of Democrats in conservative or swing territory, including Rep. Frank Kratovil in Maryland, Mark Schauer in Michigan, Scott Murphy, Bill Owens and Mike Arcuri in New York, John Boccieri and Zack Space in Ohio, and Glenn Nye and Tom Perriello in Virginia.

The second, from veteran prognosticator Charlie Cook, has some interesting news as well:

The toss-up column in The Cook Political Report lists a lot of Democratic incumbents who are well behind in the polls. The newsletter rarely puts unindicted incumbents in any worse category, so the toss-up column is the political equivalent of the intensive-care unit in a hospital. Most Democratic incumbents in that category probably won’t survive.

And in that toss-up column, only one race is trending Democratic:

OHIO | District 15: Toss Up to Lean Republican (10/08/10)

OHIO | District 13: Lean Democrat to Likely Democrat (10/08/10)

OHIO | District 1: Toss Up to Lean Republican (10/08/10)


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