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Boxer Mum on How She Voted on Several Propositions

Sen. Barbara Boxer voted yesterday, mailing off her ballot, but declined to state how she voted on several state propositions, reports Riverside’s The Press-Enterprise.

“Well I have taken a position on the major propositions,” said Boxer, “but we’ll be working on all of those and will be putting some information out on that.”

The propositions she would not publicly state her position on included whether to implement an $18 fee for car owners to fund state parks and wildlife programs and whether to continue requiring that two-thirds of the Legislature approve state budgets.

Fiorina spokeswoman Andrea Saul told The Press-Enterprise that “Today Barbara Boxer cast her ballot on many important propositions that threaten to increase their taxes and give more power to the politicians in Sacramento, and the people of California deserve to know where she stands on these issues.”

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