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Breaking: Fmr Clinton Cabinet Secretary Federico Pena–Immigration Now Like Japanese Internment in WWII

Via Breitbart–Former Clinton Cabinet Secretary and Mayor of Denver, Federico Pena, stumping for Rep. Betsy Markey:

Partial transcript:

“You know we’ve seen in this country historically, when strange things happen because people get carried away with the media, and they get carried away with myths, and they get carried away with fear. We saw what happened to Asian Americans in this country, very very long ago with the Asian exclusion laws, and everybody thought that was the right thing to do. And then during WWII, we put Japanese Americans in camps all over the county, thought it was the right thing to do. Everybody got carried away with the emotion of the day. We thought they were, you know, somehow terrorists. Of course, years later we had to pass a law apologizing. […] And we see this happen in other countries, I won’t give you the history. And that’s happening in our country today. There are a lot of people out there saying some very dangerous things. And people are kind of listening to thoughts and listening to these very short news clips, and getting persuaded by that. We’ve got to stand up. We’ve got to stand up and say, ‘Not in this county, not in this state, and not in this country!’ We’re going to stop that negative stuff now, today. And that’s what this is about.” [emphasis added]


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