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Bryan Lentz Admits Gaming Pennsylvania’s 7th District

Remember when Democrat Bryan Lentz helped a faux Tea Party candidate get on the ballot to serve as a spoiler? Well, Lentz is finally admitting it, despite keeping mum weeks ago when reports emerged that his own staff helped Jim Schneller get the signatures he needed to obtain ballot access:

During a meeting with the Daily Times’ editorial board, Lentz said his supporters coordinated efforts to assist Schneller with his nominating petitions. The move was done to siphon votes away from Republican candidate Pat Meehan.

After months of refusing to comment, Lentz admitted he played a role in the efforts. …

“If somebody has already made the decision to run, I don’t think that ‘helping’ with the process of signature petitions was improper,” Lentz said.

“Bryan Lentz jeopardized the integrity of the election,” NRCC spokesman Tory Mazzola told Battle ‘10 in a statement. “His actions are proof that he’s willing to do or say anything – including lying and cheating – to save his political career.”

It’s a bit heavy handed for the NRCC to go harrumphing so mightily considering that both parties play this game when they can get away with it. And that’s what Lentz did.

What’s despicable about Lentz’s maneuvering, though, is the smarmy way he went about it.

To have your staff get a spoiler on the ballot, and then when caught cover your eyes, teasing, Nah, nah, can’t hear you!, and then admit months later, essentially ‘We’ll, of course we did that, so what?’ is the height of dishonesty.

If Lentz didn’t think it was “improper” at the time to sabotage an opponent, where was he when the press went looking for him to respond at the time?


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