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Buck Earns Praise for Prosecutorial Efforts: ‘Compassionate and Understanding’

The furor over the rape case Weld County DA Ken Buck refused to prosecute over four years ago has brought out support for the Senate candidate from a victim who praises his conduct and his forthrightness:

[T]he record should also include another case – albeit a rape committed by a stranger, and not a date rape, which can be more difficult to try – which portrays Buck in a far more sympathetic light.

Further, the accuser in that case, which Buck’s office successfully prosecuted, is angry about how Buck is being treated by critics and has come forward to say so.

“(Buck) is very, very compassionate and understanding about these issues, and that’s why it’s so hard to see these harsh comments being made, because I know how he sees these cases,” Kimberly Corban tells me, adding that she plans to vote for him.

Corban argued that, rather than viewing Buck’s comments to the other victim as harsh, his prodding and statements were just a normal part of preparing a victim for a potential case–that these assertions would be brought up by the defense:

Also, Corban, 25 and now pursuing a criminal justice Masters degree, which she began because of the attack, says she doesn’t believe that comments Buck made to the accuser in the 2005 are insensitive. Rather, Corban says, they are the comments that must be discussed in rape cases.

“I’m looking at it as someone who is informing a victim of what a jury may see,” Corban says. “I was informed of the same things. I was made aware of what the defenses are that a jury may consider. If they had not had confidence with my case, I would not have drug myself and my family and friends trough this.”

Plunkett’s post on the Spot blog also refers to the Boulder County DA’s corroborating conclusion at the time that the other rape case in contention was, in his opinion, unwinnable.

According to Plunkett, Buck’s office introduced two new programs designed to assist victims and enhance the DA’s ability to prosecute such cases.


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