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Charlie Crist Doubles Down on Social Security Attacks

Charlie Crist continues to frighten seniors that Marco Rubio wants to cut their benefits, leaving out a key point: Rubio’s plan wouldn’t affect anyone currently in the program — anyone over the age of 55, for that matter. Crist knows this to be the case, but keeps peddling the deceptive message anyway.

Here’s Crist speaking to a group of seniors on Sunday:

The Rubio campaign is fighting back with a robocall featuring former Senator Connie Mack, released on Friday.

“Hello, this is Senator Connie Mack. I used to be Charlie Crist’s campaign chairman, and we’ve been friends a long time. But his attacks on Marco Rubio crossed the line, and I had to speak out and set the record straight. Charlie’s attacks are just plain false. Marco would never cut benefits for anyone on Social Security.”

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