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CO Thursday Morning House Update

More resource allocation in Colorado’s Congressional battles, following on yesterday’s news from the National Republican Congressional Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to move money away from Rep. Betsy Markey in CO-4 (both NRCC and DCCC), and redirecting (NRCC) to take on Rep. John Salazar in CO-3: 

POLITICO has learned that the National Republican Congressional Committee will take a bank loan of at least $6.5 million — but likely more — to expand its ad buys into seven additional districts beyond the 55 where the committee has already reserved time.

National Journal lists the House races by likeliness to switch parties, and Rep. Betsy Markey clocks in at #8, Rep. John Salazar at #41, and Rep. Ed Perlmutter at #56.

•The National Rifle Association’s endorsement of Democratic incumbents may not pay off–many are endangered, like Rep. Betsy Markey.


•Americans United for Life were gunning for Rep. John Salazar, but mentioned his brother Ken, former U.S. Senator from Colorado and now Secretary of the Interior, repeatedly in a radio ad. The ad will be reissued with corrections.

•In “Robbed,” an ad targeting Salazar, the footage used is the same across the country:

If you sense something familiar about the new commercial attacking Representative Michael A. Arcuri, a Democrat who represents a swath of central New York, perhaps you have been in North Carolina recently. Or the Philadelphia suburbs. Or western Colorado. Or a half a dozen other places around the country, so far.

That is because the advertisement is one of several cookie-cutter versions all made by Americans for Job Security, a national advocacy group with strong ties to Republicans.

All the advertisements feature the same image of a burglar breaking into someone’s house; they then accuse Democrats of acting like burglars and making off with taxpayer money. The advertisements are nearly identical. The only difference, with minor exceptions, is the image of the offending politician and the voice-over narration or graphic. (Mr. Arcuri is the subject of attack in New York and Representative John Salazar in Colorado, for instance.)

“What would it feel like if someone broke into your home? Or stole your credit card, or ripped off your car? Would you be upset? Then what about what’s happening in Washington?” a woman’s voice says, before adding that with the agenda of Ms. Pelosi and the particular candidate at issue, “it can feel like you’re getting robbed.”

Of course, burglary imagery has not always worked out for Republicans, especially for older voters who remember Watergate. And Americans for Job Security is no stranger to controversy. But the commercials are a triumph as an example of the kind of cut-and-paste political advertising that has been prevalent this year, especially among conservative groups.


•Could the Hill’s poll on the Markey-Gardner tussle, conducted by Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign pollster, presage a Democratic surge?

“So, while suggesting the possibility of a tsunami that could sweep away Democratic freshmen, many races nevertheless remain wide open and the GOP wave could dwindle into a ripple,” said Hugo Gordon, The Hill’s editor-in-chief.


•Outsourcing jobs has become a subject of bitter disagreement between Rep. Ed Perlmutter and Ryan Frazier, as evidenced by this new ad from Frazier, in part as a response from a Perlmutter ad on the same subject last week:


•Perlmutter refusing to debate? Yes, according to a Frazier media release:

Ryan Frazier, candidate for the 7th Congressional District, today challenged incumbent Democrat Rep. Ed Perlmutter to debate him on FOX 31 and the Caplis and Silverman Show – a bi-partisan and popular political radio show. Perlmutter declined to debate Ryan Frazier on David Sirota’s liberal talk radio show, and Mike Rosen’s conservative talk radio show thus far. Perlmutter’s handlers are now refusing to confirm a televised debate with FOX 31 and a joint appearance on Caplis and Silverman.

“Ed should show his commitment to the democratic process so voters can choose who best represents them in Congress,” Frazier said. “I encourage Ed to reconsider declining these important invitations.”

The Perlmutter Campaign has claimed their debate schedule is full and finalized despite only confirming two televised debates.

Perlmutter did refuse to appear on Rosen’s show, according to the host.


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