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Dan Onorato on Marriage and Public Opinion

The 2010 elections seem to have a singular focus: jobs, and the economic policies necessary to generate those jobs. At the same time, we’re seeing certain social issues crop up in the headlines.

Mike Kelly and Kathy Dahlkemper, for instance, have been having a spat via proxy war over the pro-life issue, while Democrats nationally are seeking to use these issues to divide their opponents.

But now Dan Onorato, the struggling Democrat gubernatorial challenger in Pennsylvania, might be wading into the waters on gay marriage. At a recent forum, Onorato indicated a starkly different vision for marriage than his opponent, Tom Corbett.

Thomas C. Waters, a Pennsylvania blogger, writes:

[H]e supports domestic partnerships and civil unions. But when asked directly at this event, he said 2 important things about same-sex marriage:

1) He would veto anything that came to his desk which limited the definition of marriage. This is the exact opposite of Tom Corbett who has said he would actively pursue such an amendment to the PA constitution.

2) He also said that it is clear that times and public opinion is shifting towards gay marriage. This suggests the he is open to seeing this issue differently.


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