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Dan Onorato’s Running Mate ‘Cuts and Runs’

With four days to go until Election Day, Dan Onorato is apparently having a tough time of things. Not only are polls showing him trailing Republican opponent Tom Corbett by seemingly insurmountable margins, but now it looks like his own running mate is abandoning him.

Scott Conklin, Onorato’s lieutenant gubernatorial candidate and current Pennsylvania state representative, is shifting funds form his lieutenant governor campaign back to his state house campaign:

[Conklin is running for] two seats in one election. In addition to seeking re-election to the House, he’s also running for lieutenant governor.

“(The House seat) is basically his fallback spot,” [Republican state house opponent Joyce] Haas said.

A recent finance report shows Conklin shifting $10,000 from his lieutenant governor campaign to his campaign for re-election.

But the best part? Conklin is apparently having his “lieutenant governor” yard signs re-purposed for generic state house purposes — by having the bottoms cut off. Sloppily.

Abandoning a gubernatorial ticket to come back home to save your state house seat? A sign of the times, as it were, for Democrats:

Photo Courtesy of GrassrootsPA.com

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