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Day Five, Nevada Early Voter Totals

Early voting slowed down in Clark County on Wednesday, as both parties showed a downtick in turnout compared to Tuesday. Democrats are still beating Republicans in the raw vote numbers, but the GOP did gain another .2 percent in comparative turnout.

Democrats have turned out 10.3 percent, while Republicans have turned out 11.7 percent of their registered voters. Add in the mailed ballots numbers and Dems have turned out 12.7 percent vs. the GOP’s 14.4 percent.

Combined voter counts for Clark County, which includes Las Vegas and leans Democratic, are:

  • Democrats – 42,784

  • Republicans – 35,143

  • Other – 13,879

In Reno’s Washoe County on Wednesday, Republicans edged Democrats (2,220-2,044). 

Voter totals:

  • Democrats – 8,436 (9.8 percent)

  • Republicans – 9,892 (11.3 percent)

Conventional wisdom and history says the expected turnout differential should be around 5 or 6 percent to the negative for Democrats.

Numbers from Nevada’s 15 rural counties are not yet available.


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