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Denver Post Endorses Cory Gardner in CO-4, Cites ‘Fiscal Discipline’

The Denver Post has endorsed Republican Cory Gardner in CO-4 over the freshman incumbent Rep. Betsy Markey:

In 2008, voters in Colorado’s vast 4th Congressional District voted for a Democrat to represent them for the first time since the early 1970s.

But while candidate Betsy Markey presented herself as a centrist who would be a good fit for the district, Congresswoman Markey quickly strayed to the left. We think the district would be better served by her opponent, state Rep. Cory Gardner.

The Yuma Republican has a better agenda for the district, and for these shaky economic times.

The biggest disqualifiers for Markey are extensive and have been costly, as the Post details: The stimulus package that “has gotten us out of the recession.” Failed cap and trade. The Employee Free Choice Act and “card check.” Health care reform flip-flop.

Gardner, on the other hands, earns plaudits from the Post for market-based solutions, not more government spending:

Gardner was less than forthcoming with us about his ideas for tackling entitlement reform, yet he wants to bring more market forces to bear in reducing the costs of health care. He also recognizes that the better way to rebuild the economy is to bring regulatory certainty to the private sector. He doesn’t believe in boosting employment through additional stimulus spending or putting government in the role of picking winners and losers in the marketplace.

We think Gardner will be a thoughtful conservative in the model of Hank Brown, and ultimately will be a better fit for a district that stretches along the Eastern Plains and into Greeley and Fort Collins.

We hope to see Gardner take his message of fiscal discipline to Washington and restore balance to his district and Congress.

Gardner responded, “We’re very excited to receive the endorsement of The Denver Post editorial board. The momentum is clearly on our side as we head into the final weeks of this campaign, and we have no intention of taking our foot off the gas.”


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