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Embattled: Poll Shows Sestak Barely Leading Toomey in His Own District

 A new Monmouth University poll paints a very dark picture of Joe Sestak’s 7th district in Delaware County, and confirms widespread discontent with an agenda that he has been linked to thanks to a 97 percent voting record with Nancy Pelosi’s Congress.

Perhaps most damning is the poll’s finding that only 49 percent intend to support Sestak in his senate race, while a statistically equal 46 percent have decided to support Pat Toomey.

“Overall, 61 percent of voters in Pennsylvania’s 7th think the country is on the wrong track compared with 36% who say it is headed in the right direction,” says the Monmouth poll.

“It’s not clear how Joe Sestak would have fared had he decided to run for re-election to the House rather than pursue a U.S. Senate seat. Likely voters in the 7th are split on the outgoing Congressman’s job performance – 46 percent approve to 42 percent disapprove.”


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