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Exclusive: Sen. Jim Inhofe Joins Ken Buck on Campaign Trail in Colorado

Sen. Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma joined Ken Buck for a string of campaign events yesterday, and Battle ‘10 caught up with both men at a stop in Longmont, Colorado.

Inhofe criticized his Senate colleague, appointed Sen. Michael Bennet. Inhofe said Bennet had staked out liberal positions on Cap and Trade and other energy issues, card check, and health care reform.

“Anything that’s been done can be undone,” said Inhofe in response to a question about repealing the health care reform passed earlier this year.

Inhofe also pointed to Bennet’s role in expanding the national debt and running record deficits.

Inhofe is know for his conservative stances on a wide variety of issues, most notably for his work as ranking member on the Environment and Public Works committee.

Inhofe told Battle ‘10 that a victory for Buck was likely, but that without Colorado’s seat, Republicans would have no way of retaking the Senate. Inhofe compared Colorado’s junior Senator to Barbara Boxer, the Oklahoman’s counterpart on the EPW committee.

“Mike Bennet is not a strong supporter of energy independence, and that’s not the message he’s delivering back here in Colorado,” said Inhofe.


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