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Fiorina Gets Endorsements from Giuliani, Newspapers

Over the past few days, Republican senate candidate Carly Fiorina has received several newspaper endorsements — and one from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani endorsed Fiorina in a press conference in Orange County today. Giuliani’s statement:

Carly Fiorina is a proven leader who shares my commitment to keeping our fellow Americans safe, restoring accountability to Washington and getting our economy back on track, and she has my full support. Her record of success in creating jobs in the business world stands in stark contrast to Barbara Boxer’s 28 years of partisan grandstanding and unproductive leadership that failed to protect the people of California from a 12.4 percent unemployment rate and sky-high taxes that threaten families’ and small businesses’ ability to make ends meet. Barbara Boxer is an extreme partisan. She’s not a person who is interested in reaching across the aisle to get things done, but instead, she’s someone who looks to score partisan points at the expense of the people she represents. She’s everything that is wrong with Washington today, and by ousting her on November 2, Californians will take a big step toward making real change in our government.

The San Diego Union-Tribune called Fiorina the “clear choice for U.S. Senate,” in their endorsement yesterday. “The former Hewlett-Packard CEO understands the state and national economies in a way that few lawmakers do and her expertise is badly needed as the U.S. slogs through yet another year of high unemployment and weak growth,” said the newspaper’s editorial board.

“Fiorina offers a new direction for the state,” said the Fresno Bee in their endorsement. “Fiorina has a clear understanding of the issues that frustrate tea party supporters, but without the anger that characterizes much of that movement. … Though she’s been an executive, she has compassion for Main Street, understanding that federal bailouts and stimulus programs haven’t done enough to help average Americans,” the editorial noted.

“Enter Carly Fiorina, a fiery former corporate CEO with a strong pro-business outlook. With the state and national economy still in the dumps — yes, even though the recession is “over” — her passionately held views should help maintain the right balance in the U.S. Senate,” wrote the Bakersfield Californian. “Californians need a senator who can provide forceful leadership without being a lightning rod for hyperpartisanship. Fiorina matches that job description best.”

And the Orange County Register has this to say about Fiorina: “Aside from the qualities that made her an effective CEO — decisive answers, articulate communication, the ability to focus on relevant issues, a firm commitment to her principles, a broad sense of personal accountability and a style that’s assertive when necessary — Ms. Fiorina has the commitment to address the biggest issues of the day. …  Carly Fiorina has the right principles, the experience outside government and possesses the skills to address the most pressing issues facing the state and nation. After 18 years of lackluster representation in the Senate, Californians deserve a change.”

It’s interesting how harsh the newspapers were about Boxer in their Fiorina endorsements. It’s a testimony to California’s left leanings that a Democrat senator could be so disliked by even those who agree with her (don’t forget the San Francisco Chronicle’s refusal to endorse either candidate, and the reluctance with which the Los Angeles Times endorsed Boxer), and yet still ahead, if only by a few points, in the polls.

Katrina Trinko — Katrina Trinko is a political reporter for National Review. Trinko is also a member of USA TODAY’S Board of Contributors, and her work has been published in various media outlets ...

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