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Flood of Write-In Candidates in Alaska

An Alaskan state supreme court judge ruled yesterday that polling places must provide interested voters with a list of write-in candidates. That ruling inspired at least 100 Alaskans to file as write-in candidates yesterday, reported the Anchorage Daily News, ensuring that voters will have a long list of names to look at on Election Day.

A Lisa M. Lackey and Laura L. “Lisabeth” Raschal are among the write-in candidates whose paperwork was approved by the state. Election officials have not made clear whether abbreviated or misspelled forms of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s name would count as votes for her.

Alaska radio host Dan Fagan urged Alaskans to become write-in candidates. “Rush on over there before 5 o’clock and register as a write-in candidate. Especially if your last name is Murkowski. That would really help the cause,” he said yesterday. Conservatives4Palin and Big Government’s Dan Riehl also pushed people to become write-in candidates yesterday.

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