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Florida Afternoon Roundup

  • RFK, Jr., worked himself into quite a tizzy yesterday at an endorsement event for independent Charlie Crist, calling Marco Rubio and tea partiers “radical” and “crackpots” who have an “I-can-be-as-stupid-as-I-want vision” representing “hatred and demagoguery.” Rubio’s response: didn’t Crist pledge to end, “name calling and the politics of destruction?”

  • A sore loser law now suggested would result in no more Crists. The Florida Senate’s Ethics and Elections Committee released a report stating, in part, that, “requiring a candidate to make an ultimate decision on party membership or NPA status 16-18 months before the general election would effectively eliminate or drastically reduce last-minute, self-serving decisions regarding candidacy.”

  • Politico calls Florida’s 22nd district a “case study” for liberals’ strategy in swing districts: “When your party’s agenda is unpopular, attack, attack, attack.” The Miami Herald doesn’t seem to mind, and endorses Democratic incumbent Rep. Ron Klein. At the same time, the Veterans of Foreign Wars PAC is taking fire from VFW members over some of its endorsements, including a nod to Klein over military man Col. Allen West.

  • A big win for the opposition research crew of GOP gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott: Questions raised during last week’s debate about why Democrat Alex Sink, currently the state’s CFO, had licensed felons to sell insurance are now being corroborated. The St. Petersburg Times reports that it, “has identified at least 11 agents convicted of felonies such as grand larceny, fraudulent use of credit cards and writing bad checks who received their license from Sink, the Democratic nominee for governor.”

  • Of all the endorsements, these were probably the easiest to get. Steve Southerland, running in the 2nd district, and Rick Scott have both uploaded video of their mothers. Scott has also posted video of his wife.


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