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Florida Weekend Update

  • John J. Miller discusses how Marco Rubio went from underdog to conservative hero in the latest print edition of National Review. The article is also posted on his personal website.

  • To understand why Charlie Crist is described as a great retail politician, look no further than this St. Petersburg Times article, which begins thus: “Of all the wonders in Florida, surely one is Charlie Crist working an airport.”

  • Crist’s advertisements, though, have taken on a different tone of late. Here’s the most recent video, which hits Rubio for alleged indiscretions with the party credit card.

  • Rubio’s team, meanwhile, has jumped on what Crist told the Palm Beach Post editoral board late last week — that he would have left the GOP to run as an independent even if he had been 20 points ahead of Rubio. The sheer brazenness is impressive, given his utter denials of the idea prior to defecting.


  • CQPolitics reports that, when asked whether she would welcome a visit from Nancy Pelosi, Florida’s 24th-district incumbent Suzanne Kosmas said, “I pretty much have a full schedule already arranged.” Really? Nothing you could reschedule to accommodate an individual who is two heartbeats away from the presidency?

  • Alan Grayson, the 8th-district incumbent besieged for the deceptiveness of his latest campaign ad, dismisses a new poll that shows him trailing his opponent by seven. Grayson pointed to an internal poll showing him up by 13 points and told Talking Points Memo, “I don’t know how anybody could possibly believe we’ve dropped 20 points.”

  • Two Friday polls show Republican Rick Scott leading Democrat Alex Sink in the race for the governor’s mansion, with a six-point and a five-point lead.

  • Sink continues to out-fundraise Scott, though — $505,000 to $118,000 in the last week. Except that Scott dropped another $1.1 million personal check, too.

  • A Sunshine State News blogger reflects on the fact that a grand total of seven people showed up for an Organizing for America rally protesting Scott, in a post aptly titled “Picture of Democratic Apathy.”


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