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Former Ohio Gov: ‘I Changed Michael Bennet’s Diapers in India’

Almost every campaign stop includes personal testimonials by VIPs and average folks alike speaking to the character or actions of a candidate.

Not every campaign stop includes a personal history of a rather intimate nature.

Former Ohio governor and current Colorado College President Richard Celeste related his personal affinity and family history with Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet–with a bit of humor and too much information:

“I changed Michael Bennet’s diapers, in India…I am sure that never again in my life will I be able to claim that I changed the diapers of a United States Senator. Michael’s father was one of my very dearest friends, we served together in India in the 1960s. And so I’ve known Michael Bennet, literally, since he was born. And when I was governor of Ohio; for two years, after he graduated from Wesleyan University, he worked as an intern in my office; really as a staffer for me and was extraordinary then and has been extraordinary every since.”

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