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Harry Reid is Doing Just Fine

The Sharron Angle campaign released this new “Supermodels” ad on Tuesday amidst a flurry of new television ads by both the campaigns and their surrogates. “While your family is just hanging on, someone’s been hanging out with supermodels,” says the ad, which shows Harry Reid with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marissa Miller.

The ad also features a shot representing Reid in a conga line (those are Michelle Obama’s arms and the two were actually demonstrating Yoga moves) as well as a shot of a lavish Ritz Carlton suite and concludes that Reid is doing just fine:

(Update: The ad has been pulled from YouTube over copyright issues.)


Angle spokesman Jarrod Agen issued a press statement Tuesday reflecting the campaign’s latest strategy of contrasting Harry Reid’s lifestyle with the worries and financial struggles of Nevada residents.

“While Nevada deals with an economic Depression here in our state, Harry ‘I live on a fixed income’ Reid has been off partying it up, living in the Ritz, going to UFC fights and hanging out with supermodels while just generally having a great time,” said Agen.

“It must be nice for him, because everyone knows that Nevada is facing a truly desperate situation. It’s not going to change until we fire Harry Reid,” he added.

Agen was referring to Harry Reid’s attendance at Ultimate Fighting Championship events including a recent fundraising push offering a chance to win an event ticket and sit next to Reid and UFC chief Dana White.

The new ad and Agen’s statements were well-timed in light of a Tuesday rally for Reid headlined by White and UFC fighter Chuck Liddell on the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus. White gave a short get-out-the-vote speech along with delivering an understated endorsement of Reid. “You all know where I stand,” said White.

Both Reid and White walked over to Lied library and voted after the rally. (Liddell, a California resident, cannot vote in Nevada.)

Dana White, Chuck Liddell and Harry Reid [photo by Ken Minster]


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