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  • Joel Pollak, Republican challenger of IL-9 issues a press release decrying the profanity of incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky’s campaign manager:

On Monday, National Review revealed that Jan Schakowsky’s campaign manager had posted a message on his Twitter page declaring that opponents of the Ground Zero mosque were “f***ing dumba**es who havent read the 1st amndmnt.” 

(He did not use asterisks, but stark profanity itself.)  

That “tweet” was not the only offensive one. Schakowsky’s campaign manager also called Republicans “d*****bags.” And there was much more.

It was clear that this was not just a personal Twitter page. Schakowsky’s campaign manager had used it to provide information about Schakowsky’s statements, media appearances, and public events. In fact, the page had more followers than Schakowsky’s own official campaign Twitter page. It was the voice of her campaign.

In the two days since the story has broken, Schakowsky’s campaign manager has blocked access to his Twitter page. But Schakowsky has not taken any public action to reprimand him or distance herself from his views. […]

  • Meanwhile, Pollak and Schakowsky hold contrasting health care-focused events. Three guesses which was the sober policy-minded event and which was the demagogic frenzy intended to rile the base. Hopefuly the upcoming candidates forum will veer toward the former.

  • Randy Hultgren, Republican challenger in IL-14, picks up an endorsement from Council for Citizens Against Government Waste.

  • Meanwhile, Debbie Halvorson, Democrat of IL-11, demagogues trade. This after a debate where she was forced onto the defensive very early. It’s not looking good for Halvorson – in fact, The Hill calls her one of 12 freshman Democrats for whom the “outlook looks grim.”


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