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Iott Campaign Hits Marcy Kaptur for Corruption

The Rich Iott campaign in OH-9 sends out this press release hitting 28-year incumbent Marcy Kaptur for corrupt donations:

Rich Iott, Candidate for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District, introduced his latest television commercial and issued the following statement today:

Marcy Kaptur’s work to sidestep Congressional rules meant to ensure openness and honesty in government is an outrage to every American taxpayer, an embarrassment to us all here in Northwest Ohio, and an abomination to taxpayers nationwide.  Her secret efforts were first revealed in the New York Times on July 4th.

It is a big reason why Congress has recently had a job approval rating as low as 11%, and why a majority of Americans don’t trust Congress to solve important problems.  Just recently, we learned that a Washington lobbyist — Paul Magliocchetti — who has been a major benefactor to the Kaptur campaign agreed to plead guilty to federal charges that he funneled illegal contributions to sitting congressmen. The federal investigation into this matter is on-going.

The television commercial I am introducing today explains this relationship.

Marcy Kaptur has used the federal appropriations process – and our tax dollars – to feather her own campaign nest, even at a time when our national debt is at an all time high of more than 13 Trillion dollars.  Though she has received more than $143,000 from Magliocchetti and his friends, she refuses to come clean to voters here in the 9th District about her relationship to this Washington lobbyist.  In fact, when it came time to vote on HR 425, which called for an investigation into the scandal, Marcy Kaptur voted no (Roll call 243).

It has been three months to the day since I called on Representative Kaptur to do three simple things, and she has ignored all three points.  So, again today, I am calling on her to do three things to immediately address this national scandal:

1.  Representative Kaptur should immediately return every penny of campaign contributions from anyone connected to Paul Magliocchetti. Further, she should return any contributions from anyone connected to any of these firms and organizations that she helped to win ill-gotten earmarks. According to the New York Times, this amounts to at least “tens of thousands” of dollars, perhaps much more.

2. Representative Kaptur should immediately disclose all parties she has helped to skirt the Congressional rules barring for-profit companies from receiving earmarks, whether or not they are in our district.

3. Representative Kaptur should immediately repudiate all earmarks connected to Magliocchetti, and any other questionable earmarks in which she has been involved, and publicly call and work for their immediate rescission.

 Anything less than full compliance with these three modest steps of correction for this abuse of power is a slap in the face of every taxpayer in the 9th Congressional District.

I have signed a pledge not to seek any earmarks.  I will fight for my district, but I will not do it using the corrupt earmark process, and instead will use the regular budget process to win funding for important local projects. 

Marcy Kaptur apparently has no regard for the regular Congressional budgetary process. Even though she sits on the House Budget Committee, last week she voted to adjourn and leave Washington without passing a Budget for the federal government.


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