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Iott-Kaptur 2nd Debate Liveblog Part I

6:48 – The audio is cutting in and out from before the debate. Kaptur jokes about “cozying up” to Iott.

6:50 – Debate begins in earnest. Get ready for a firefight. Also, nobody play any drinking games with Nazi references – you’ll expire of alcohol poisoning.

6:52 – Opening statements begin. Kaptur is first. Sucks up to the press and audience. “It’s a great honor to serve the people of our region.” Blah blah blah. Taking a very motherly tone – wants “good jobs with wages and benefits that you can depend upon.” Credits her votes with saving Chrysler, Jeep, etc. Oh boy, this is going to be populist as hell regarding the auto industry. She sounds very positive so far – good tone to take for this debate. Doesn’t mention Iott once.

6:54 – Iott starts. Also sucks up to the press and the audience. Decides to start by speaking directly to Kaptur. Uh oh. Brings up the Nazi thing as a coordinated “character assassination attempt.” Says he’s contributed to Kaptur before. What?! Wow, going really tough. “A nazi because I participated in some historical reenactments?” This is a relatively fierce start, and he’s going negative overly quickly. Says Kaptur should be his strongest defender because she knows the allegations are false. “You’re desperate to hold onto your power. This is why people hate politics.” Goes over.

6:56 – First question to Kaptur: Did your campaign bring Iott’s participation in Nazi cosplaying to the media’s attention?

6:57 – Kaptur says the media brought it to her attention. Said the first time she met Iott was this year, and says she doesn’t know anything about him. Says she knows what they learned through the campaign. Very disappointed in the opening statement. Hits him for being too negative. Wow. She’s taking the high road. Good strategy.

6:58 – Second question to Iott: Your Nazi problem has gotten you in hot water with Eric Cantor. Can you still be credible if you win?

6:58 – Iott says Cantor’s remark is “typical of career politicians who take a stand without knowing all the facts.” Ties this to Obamacare, of all things. Is he honestly comparing Eric Cantor to the people who voted for Obama? Hooooo boy.

6:59 – Follow-up Question: Is Iott nervous about Cantor’s power?

6:59 – Iott isn’t nervous.

6:59 – Question 3 for Kaptur: Did you reach out to your constituents enough in re Obamacare?

7:00 – Kaptur says she didn’t permit herself to be shouted out, but talked to enough people. Accuses people of purposefully disrupting Town Hall meetings. Says she took peoples’ suggestions for amendments back to Washington. It’s a sleazy answer, but she’s delivering it very well. Likens Obamacare to the moon landing. Fail.

7:01 – Iott takes a minute to respond. Says it’s funny that Kaptur talked about how hard she tried to get to the people. Says Kaptur didn’t show up to town hall meetings that he was in. Says he has no idea how she would know that the audience was going to be rude. Calls health care “everything we thought it would not be.” Rattles off facts about Obamacare. So far he sounds very measured.

7:02 – Question 4 for Iott: You made a contribution to the RNC of $500, and listed your employer as state of Ohio, and occupation as soldier. Explain this?

7:03 – Iott gets deer-in-the-headlights. Says he “doesn’t recall that at all.” Uh oh.

7:03 – Kaptur wants to talk about health care, but gets cut off. Says she has no knowledge in re Iott.

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