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Iott-Kaptur Second Debate Liveblog Part II

7:03 – Question 5 for Kaptur: Why decline invitations by conservative groups/media areas to speak?

7:04 – Kaptur says her office handles all her appointments. Says there’s no situation in which she’d refuse to speak to someone because of their ideology. Says she doesn’t know why she’d refuse to talk to particular groups, but says she stays in the limits of her district. Is getting a lot of follow-ups, which is weird. Gets asked where Iott has been going that’s not in the District, and she mentions Tea Party rallies in neighboring cities.

7:06 – Iott says Kaptur is inaccessible and non-responsive. Says he goes where the people within the District ask him to go, and if he’s invited by constituents to a neighboring area, he’ll go. Says he knows people all around the state.

7:06 – Question 6 for Iott: Do you support the GOP pledge? How do you propose to pay for Social Security?

7:07 – Iott says he supports the Pledge, but it doesn’t go far enough, and should address earmarks. Says he thinks the Pledge is a window into a mindset of what direction the new Congress is going to want to go. Says the plan is a good start.  Gets a follow-up as to whether he’ll be able to do anything. Says that as a freshman, his vote counts just as much as the Speakers’ vote, and while it may be more difficult to get things started, every single vote counts. He’s being pushed hard on this, and says the Congress will be a reformation Congress.

7:08 – Kaptur says the Pledge takes Congress back to Bush administration and its desire to privatize Social Security and Medicare. Sheesh. Really hitting the Bush thing, and being excessively sanctimonious about how Obama’s had growth in the economy. “Doesn’t know a single American who wants to go back to Bush.”

7:10 – Question 7 for Kaptur from viewer: Will you return the money that was illegally funneled to your campaign?

7:10 – Kaptur ordered committee to separate any funds from the firm in question. Says she doesn’t know a single other member of Congress who did that. Says her accounts were absolutely in order. Hits Iott for lying about the subject.

7:11 – Iott says the very fact that Kaptur received as much money as she did is disturbing. Says he doesn’t care if the Congressional committees found nothing wrong – “that’s like the fox watching the hen house.” Says he asked months ago that Kaptur return the money, and says to his knowledge, nothing has been done.

7:12 – Question 8 for Iott: Would you make same merger at Food Town if you had chance to do it again?

7:13 – Iott says he’d make the merger again because it was a good business decision, but that he doesn’t think all of the decisions made by the buying company were right.

7:13 – Kaptur says the original decision to sell dozens of food stores to a company that didn’t operate those kinds of enterprises was wrong because it fundamentally reshaped the community. Says thousands of people who invested their lives in the company lost their jobs, and that Iott lacks empathy for them.

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