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Iott-Kaptur Second Debate Liveblog Part III

7:14 – Question 9 for Kaptur: How is it that you and Governor Strickland couldn’t secure federal assistance after Tornado devastation?

7:16 – Kaptur says she hopes the Federal government will be able to funnel more, but that she and Strickland did all she could, and that most of the damage was outside her District. Says she doesn’t want to politicize the disaster. Gets a follow-up asking why the Tornado wasn’t a Federal disaster declaration – why couldn’t Kaptur use her influence to get that? Says it’s an amount of money thing. The moderator’s pushing is annoying, but he’s getting good info out of the candidates.

7:18 – Kaptur says it’s unfortunate that more couldn’t be done, and you’d think Kaptur could move mountains, given her seniority.

7:18 – Question 10 for Iott: Northwest Ohio lost a lot of jobs. What needs to happen to US trade policy to restore jobs?

7:18 – Iott says US trade policies need to be fair for both sides, but you need international trade. Says Ohio is number one trade partner for NAFTA countries, and you export a lot. Says international trade is critical, but you need to address a tax situation, because the US has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. “Why would anybody want to come here and build a plant when right off the bat, they’re at a huge disadvantage because of taxes?” Says the problem with China isn’t cheap labor, but taxation, because even automated plants get built in China. Follow-up asks whether the Federal Government or State Government should take action on this. Says the Federal Government has to take action first.

7:20 – Kaptur says no one fought harder against NAFTA than her. Says she knew it would cost jobs. Says “Sure, Ohio has a few exports, but there’s an avalanche of imports.” That’s a pretty striking difference. Goes conspiratorial on multinational corporations. Says China is a communist country that has state-controlled capitalism, and hopes for a President who will fight for trade reciprocity.

7:22 – Question 11 for Kaptur: What needs to happen to US trade policies to restore jobs in Ohio?

7:22 – Kaptur says you need a President committed to opening markets that are closed. Accuses Iott of saying that the American automotive market doesn’t work. Wants to open up Japan and China. Says the rest of the globe has the Value-Added Tax, which removes the costs of things upon export. Wants a President and Congress committed to renegotiating trade agreements that aren’t in the interests of the United States. Really hitting the populist note on manufacturing. Says something is seriously wrong, and most trade ambassadors don’t last more than two years. Thinks the depth and professionalism of US Trade Representatives is lacking. Calls capitalists “the enemy.” Well, thanks for telling us how you feel, Congresswoman.

7:24 – Iott says that if we need to get things done on trade, then why isn’t it happening if Kaptur’s party is in charge? Debunks Kaptur’s claim in re American auto industry. Says he doesn’t see anywhere in the Constitution where the Federal Government is responsible for bailing out businesses, and if we are going to do that, then why not bail out all the factories in Northwest Ohio? Says “either we bail out, or we don’t.”

7:25 – Question 12: Iott gets the same question in re his election contribution with his profession being “soldier.” But this time he has documentation to prove it.

7:26 – Iott says he can’t explain it, but he is a soldier in the Ohio military reserve. Says he doesn’t know how the contribution got that way. Gets a follow-up on what his responsibilities are with the Ohio military reserve. Talks about how he’s been a company commander, battalion commander, etc. He was a Colonel. Oversaw about 497 people. Wow. Some Nazi, fighting for his home state as a Colonel.

7:27 – Kaptur says it seems that it isn’t true. Says that Iott wasn’t a soldier, and yet he put it on his form. Says she never understood Iott’s military background. Asks if he’s ever served in active duty forces, and if he’s a veteran. Iott’s given the chance to respond.

7:28 – Iott says he’s never claimed to be a veteran of the US Armed Forces. Says all of his service has been in the state Guard.

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