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Keystone Friday Roundup


  • In good news for Pat Toomey, reports are coming in that absentee ballots are being returned at a higher rate than Democrat ballots: “Republicans have returned 67 percent of their requested absentee ballots, representing 53,226 of 79,061 absentee ballots. In comparison, 55 percent of Democrats’ absentee ballots have been returned…”

  • CQPolitics.com looks at the Palin effect in part as it could impact the Toomey-Sestak race: “Toomey was confronted with the endorsement during the debate and in subsequent interviews, consistently refusing to comment on Palin’s presidential credentials or even say her name, and instead he offered his gratitude ‘for the support I have from people all across the political spectrum.’”

  • A new anti-Toomey ad airing in the commonwealth that’s sponsored by the National Education Association Advocacy Fund. The radio spot hits Toomey by — you guessed it — linking him with “greed” and Gordon Gekko. Toomey, the ad says, “takes greed to a whole new level.” Listen below:


  • Cash in pouring into the gubernatorial race in these final days before Nov. 2. Corbett has secured more than $5 million over the past week, while Onorato has brought in roughly $2 million — some from outgoing Gov. Ed Rendell — in a last ditch effort to shake up the governor’s race. Corbett leads by healthy margins according to most polls.

  • Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge weighs in on the contentious Marcellus Shale tax issue: “I’ve got to say that, if the dollars were going to a specific cause — enforcement, regulation, support [for] local communities, counties — I personally don’t think the public would view that as going back on his pledge,” Gov. Ridge told the Morning Call. “It wouldn’t affect them, it would socialize the benefit of these companies’ presence. But I have to let Tom make that decision — if he wins, and I think he will.”

  • Tom Corbett’s closing message to voters seems to be pretty simple. Corbett is telling voters on the stump circuit that they need to elect a governor “for all of Pennsylvania,” not simply for the western or southeastern areas of the state. This is a subtle jab at Gov. Ed Rendell, who has been criticized by some for using the governor’s office to address Philadelphia’s fiscal needs.

  • Tom Corbett was in King of Prussia last night to stump with Govs. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Bob McDonnell of Virginia. Battle ‘10 has video of Corbett’s remarks below:


  • PA-7 — Pat Meehan held a tele-townhall conference call earlier this week, with nearly 6,000 on the line simultaneously, even while his opponent, Bryan Lentz, campaigned nearby with Vice President Biden. In this closely watched race, each man is doing what he can to pick up votes.

  • PA-8 — Classy: “Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.) also got some help from Washington after slugging it out without the DCCC. The committee put $557,613 into that race, in which Murphy’s trailing campaign is getting particularly aggressive — it sent out mailers telling voters they would lose their voting privileges if they didn’t submit absentee ballot request forms, prompting dozens of people to call the local elections board in a panic.”

  • PA-8 — Mike Fitzpatrick has posed a few key questions for Rep. Pat Murphy as the absentee ballot scandal continues to unfold. So far, Murphy has responded by essentially denying any wrongdoing. Battle ‘10 was there for Fitzpatrick’s remarks to the press earlier this week:


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