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Keystone Monday Morning Update

  • President Obama came to Philadelphia yesterday evening for a rally with Vice President Biden, Senate hopeful Joe Sestak, gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato, and others. Battle ‘10 was there for the campaign stop, and has posted a video recap, and will post more videos and updated today. The official crowd estimate was nearly 19,000, though the actual size was probably between 5,000-10,000 at the rally’s peak.

  • NR’s Robert Costa featured a sobering profile this weekend of Pennsylvania’s 8th district race from the New York Times. Takeaway exchange: “Sir, I’m doing my best. I really want to help you,” [said incumbent Dem. Patrick Murphy]. It got him nowhere. “I think you’re all a bunch of sewer rats in Washington,” the man told him.

  • At a rally for Democrat Bryan Lentz, the man vying for Joe Sestak’s 7th district congressional seat in the race against Pat Meehan, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale said the tea party has Wall Street money to travel and do “phony-baloney Astroturf rallies.”

  • In other 7th district news, a new poll from Monmouth University shows Republican Pat Meehan leading Bryan Lentz by four points. An important note is that 50 percent of voters there disapprove of President Obama’s performance, and Democrat Lentz has been explicitly endorsed by the president.

  • The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee began airing an attack ad (below) on Pat Toomey last week. The DSCC hits Toomey for his 12 months spent working in Hong Kong in his 20s and, in perhaps one of the more inane phrases uttered this election season, the narrator suggests that Toomey “ought to run for Senate … in China.”

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