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Keystone Thursday Morning Update

  • Newsweek names the Pennsylvania Senate contest one of three “reasons to despair” in its look at the state of national elections and Democrat chances. When you’ve lost Newsweek

  • Chris Carney will be getting together with friends and supporters tomorrow night for a dinner in his honor, along with staff from Dan Onorato’s campaign, as well as Joe Sestak’s folks. One wonders whether this may ultimately also serve as a going away party, given Carney’s tight race with Tom Marino.

  • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be coming to Pennsylvania again on Oct. 19 to fundraise and campaign for Mike Fitzpatrick, running a hard race against Rep. Patrick Murphy in the 8th district. Fitzpatrick lost his seat by only 1,500 votes in 2006 to Murphy, and current polls suggest Fitzpatrick enjoys a 14-point lead.

  • Down in the polls to the point that Nate Silver has already called the race a 95 percent certainty for Pat Toomey, Joe Sestak is pushing on, releasing new ads that his campaign is hoping will serve as an X factor heading into the final three weeks before voting.

  • Bryan Lentz is coming under fire for condemning a practice known as “ghost voting” in the Pennsylvania legislature, and then potentially engaging in the practice himself. The Lentz-Meehan contest in the 7th district looks likes it’s getting ugly.


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