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Keystone Tuesday Roundup


  • Pat Toomey is tired of being compared to Tea Partiers like Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin, a meme started by Joe Sestak in their debates last week that seems to have begun to resonate in the online political echo chambers. In remarks to the press, Toomey called the link a “fictitious connection,” saying, “I don’t get this from anyone except members of the press. Frankly I don’t think anybody is confused, confusing the candidates. I’ve been campaigning for 18 months now. I’ve got a very clear message for that entire time.”

  • “The contrast in Pennsylvania has come down to comparisons,” writes CNN. Toomey and Sestak have both entrenched themselves into an ideological battle over right and left extremes. As CNN reports, in “Toomey versus Sestak, it’s O’Donnell versus Pelosi.”

  • Newt Gingrich is in Harrisburg this morning as part of his nationwide “Jobs First” tour. The former House speaker will address an audience of a few thousand locals and business leaders on the importance of the midterm elections, and what Republicans will need to do on Election Day.

  • The Toomey campaign has put out a one minute video dismantling Joe Sestak’s claim that voting for bailouts “made him sick,” by showing his history of lauding bailouts as important and necessary. The ad:


  • Former President Bill Clinton will be rallying for Dan Onorato on Thursday in Bethlehem, just five days before Nov. 2. Clinton has visited the commonwealth more than a half dozen times since August on a furious push for embattled challengers and incumbents alike.

  • Tom Corbett is complaining about Dan Onorato’s new ad, which suggests Corbett could cut aid to the elderly as the new governor seeks to close a massive budget gap and trim spending. Corbett “says he would preserve programs for older people that are funded by the Pennsylvania Lottery and not allow that money to be diverted for other purposes.”

  • Is Dan Onorato simply too boring to win? The folks at Philebrity think so: “Is it weird that we’re wishing Pennsylvania had a candidate ridiculous enough to earn a spot on SNL? Maybe. But it seems like the only thing worse than reducing politics to absurdist theater is not bothering to talk about it at all.”


  • PA-10 — Chris Carney leads challenger Tom Marino in the latest independent poll, and unfortunately for Marino, it’s a six point lead, 45-39. Battle ‘10 recently spoke with Marino, and will be posting an interview later today.

  • PA-8 — Mike Fitzpatrick leads Patrick Murphy by ten, according to newly released internal polling. While it’s probably more optimistic than it should be, Fitzpatrick seems to have the momentum in this race.

  • Politico takes a look at how Democrats could lost as many as eight congressional seats in the Keystone State next week.


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