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Liveblogging Kasich’s Counter-Obama Webcast, Part 2

7:01 – Next guest is Ed Nagle, head of a trucking company. Kasich asks him how business is. Nagle says it’s “pretty flat.”

7:02 – Kasich asks “What drives you crazy? What’s it like when you’re struggling here?” Nagle says that there are a number of things putting “a terrible hurt on our company and our industry.” Says that the workers’ compensation is one of the big problems. Also hits Democrats for wanting to “share the wealth,” and says that what that’s done is make it such that drivers with injuries that weren’t their fault had their premiums jacked through the roof to the point that the company had to lay off 30 percent of their workforce.

7:04 – Kasich asks for more details. Nagle talks about hikes in fees, as opposed to taxes. Interesting little problem for Strickland – if fees are getting jacked up, that doesn’t qualify as increased taxation (see also: Mitt Romney), but it can still be a useful attack line.

7:08 – Taylor asks a question and gets agreement from Nagle. Kasich says “He’s being very restrained.” Then runs a couple of lines from the Strickland administration past Nagle, and says “I don’t want to get you too fired up, but comment on this.” Then immediately says “People are going to say you’re selfish…How do you feel, Ed, when people say that because you’ve had a business and because you’ve been successful, that somehow you did something wrong?”

7:10 – Nagle says that “In the trucking industry, you don’t get rich.” Then goes on to say that his father would be rolling in his grave. Says you only eat meat and potatoes as a trucker. Kasich jokes that he’s had enough meat and potatoes, and gets laughs.

7:11 – Next guest: CEO of an Ohio Snack food company. Taylor asks, “What is it that you’re worried about when you look at Ohio today?” Guest says he wouldn’t build his company in Ohio today, but rather a state that “values business.” These guests keep hitting the same problem with the Strickland administration – they really don’t like business. At all. And the guest hits this home, calling the policies “death by a thousand cuts.”

7:15 – Kasich asks “How would you feel if we actually liked business in Ohio? You wouldn’t believe it, would you?” Guest says he wouldn’t believe it, coming from the Government, but would believe it if it came from someone who was a businessperson. Says the government needs to understand that “the capitalist system works.”

7:17 – Sarcastic exchange on Obamacare. “Obamacare, when you look at it, results in potentially more things being covered, lifetime limits being lifted, all kinds of things that lead to a higher claims rating, and it’s already started.”

7:19 – Guests are done. Kasich says they didn’t rehearse anything. You couldn’t tell – this was a very professional exchange. Final thoughts from Taylor: It’s not just election day, it’s every day from now until election day. Need to make sure the ballot is filled out and sent in early.

Final words from Kasich: Need to create jobs, and make Ohio-business friendly.

7:24 – Taylor plugs website. Kasich says the Strickland campaign is throwing the kitchen sink at them. “We’re going to win this election, but we want you to join in and help.” Pitches his record. Says he wants to make peoples’ lives a little bit better by virtue of having been there.


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