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Manchin Shoots Cap-and-Trade Bill

There’s a new flurry of senate race ads out in West Virginia. Republican senate candidate John Raese is continuing to emphasize that Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin will be a rubber stamp for Obama, while Manchin is fighting back with one ad that touts his NRA endorsement — and another that blasts Raese for the “hicky” actor commercial fiasco

In a spot released Saturday, Manchin loads a gun, announces that he’ll protect 2nd amendment rights, and then proceeds to shoot the proposed cap-and-trade bill. He says that he’ll work to get the federal government “off our backs,” and promises to cut federal spending and repeal “the bad parts” of Obamacare.

In a second ad released Saturday, Manchin targets Raese over the commercial featuring “hicky” Philadelphia actors. (Without noting that it was the NRSC who ran the ad, not Raese, and that even the NRSC didn’t use the word “hicky” — that was a talent agency hired by the NRSC.) It also slams Raese for having a Florida home “to avoid paying West Virginia taxes.” “Obviously, we’re not good enough for him,” comments a person off-screen. The ad also points out that Raese won’t be able to get his wife’s vote since she’s registered to vote in Florida.

Raese’s new ad, released Friday, accuses Manchin of trying to distract voters from the issues. “Joe Manchin will do anything to avoid talking about being a rubber stamp for Barack Obama,” says Raese. He then talks about his job creation record as a businessman. “I’m not perfect,” Raese adds, “but you don’t have to be to know that Obama’s policies have hurt us. Slamming Obamacare, cap-and-trade, and Obama’s tax increases, Raese concludes “and Joe Manchin rubber stamps all of these.”

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