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Manchin Strongly Supported by Union Members

In a memo, the AFL-CIO reports that “Union members in West Virginia know who is on their side, giving Governor Manchin a whopping 40 point margin.”

The memo also cites the effectiveness of mailing flyers, saying that the AFL-CIO has “found that mail is much more effective among union members than among general public voters. The reason is they see it as a communication from a trusted source, their union, which they want to read. Our testing shows union members spend much more time reading the pieces, and retain more information from them, than the general public does.”

The AFL-CIO sent out mailers to West Virginians in early October attacking Republican John Raese for his positions on steel tariffs and coal mining regulation.

Manchin, Raese, Mountain party candidate Jesse Johnson, and Constitution party candidate Jeff Becker will debate tonight at 8 p.m. in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Katrina TrinkoKatrina Trinko is a political reporter for National Review. Trinko is also a member of USA TODAY’S Board of Contributors, and her work has been published in various media outlets ...


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